Rugby World Cup 2019

By: Jacob & Ben In autumn 2019 there was the 7th Rugby World Cup, which didn’t take place in a heart country of Rugby Union. Instead it took place in Japan. The opening match between host country Japan and Russia took place in the Tokyo Stadium (Capacity: 49,970) at the… read more

Pumpkin Soup – Chosen by Tara and Jordan

We chose this recipe as its so seasonal because we are coming up to Halloween so it is seasonal as pumpkins are associated with Halloween. Soup is such a comfort food that warms you up on cold nights. Its very convenient as you can cook it , freeze it and… read more

Self Expression

By: Laura Bulfin At times, it’s easy to confuse Kilkenny College with a prison. We all wear the same dull uniform every day. We’re not allowed facial piercings. If we dye our hair a colour outside of the ‘natural’ range, we’re told to dye it back. Lads aren’t even allowed… read more


By: Emmet McKinley Maize 2019 has kicked off this year but it has been extremely wet for most contractors and farmers due to the large amount of rain falling from the past few weeks Maize is sown under plastic to keep the heat in the ground for the crop to… read more

Fishing off the Gris Ore. 

By Serdar Kearney Tekkanat.  Every year since I was born, we go to Inis Mór - the largest of the Aran Islands. It is always a trip that my family and I look forward to because we love the wild atmosphere and obviously the cycling and fishing that comes with… read more


by Lauren Grace Every day we hear a new story ‘the lungs of the earth are burning’ ‘the bee population is decreasing’ ‘people are suffering from war’. These are all things we hear on a daily basis yet all we’re doing is looking at it through a screen that we… read more

New John Deere command pro joystick.

by: Sam Strong John Deere’s Command Pro joystick is now available for all small and mid-range 6R Series tractors. These models also feature the new Command Centre 4200 display, which provides all six AEF certified ISO bus functions. In addition, all 6R Series models above 130hp now meet Stage V… read more

What’s Hot, What’s Not

BY TARA AND JORDAN What’s hot Grey joggers Spice bags Mom jeans iPhone 11 Graphic tees Neon clothes Vans The icebergs What’s not Hunter wellies Hydro flasks and scrunchies VSCO girls Dubarrys Having nose piercings Facebook     read more

Why Goat Farming is The Way To Go

  By Laura Bulfin No one is sure if there’s much future for farming in Ireland, with the continued rise of veganism, the increase of outrage over methane from cow’s farts (despite there being much more serious sources of pollution in cities and towns) and the savage drop in beef… read more

John Deere 9900i

John Deere 9900i By Emmet McKinley Last August John Deere unveiled its awaited 9000 Series of self propelled forage harvesters. Brand new design, two different kernel processors, the latest version of the HarvestLab system for crop analysis, and an exceptional premiere under the hoods of three of the four new… read more