Climate change and farming

by Nicola Treacy People have been blaming farmers for climate change, but everyone is a contributor to climate change by going to school in the car or going abroad. Only some environmental factors are related to agriculture such as methane gases (gases from sheep and cattle) and ammonia. Climate change… read more

Beef Protests

by Nicola Treacy We have seen a lot of commotion about beef farmers lately about the drop of beef prices to around €3.00 per kilo. The protests started in mid-summer of 2019 and continued up until last week and ongoing. With the farmers blocking Merion square, Kildare street, Dublin port… read more

Fendt takes the wraps off a new breed of machine

By: Alan Marshall Recently reported that Fendt has teamed up with German-headquartered Sennebogen to offer its first own-brand telehandler (telescopic handler). The machine was unveiled at the Agritechnica show (Germany) in November. A Fendt-badged telehandler with an ‘all-round view like a wheel loader’ Known as the Cargo T955, this handler’s… read more

The walk to Graignamanagh

By: Grace Whether you’re young or old you have gone on a walk, you were either dragged into it or were a willing participant. There are many walks in the St. Mullins area, for example, the walk to the Holy Well or further out the walk in Clash, but the walk… read more