Life in France During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Liam Smyth, 27/3/20 Despite being quite tired of discussing the ongoing pandemic that is keeping us out of school, when asked to write an article for our yearbook, I thought it would be interesting to contact some of Kilkenny College’s friends in France to see what life is currently… read more

Week 2

Quarantine Blog - Eva Whyte Now two weeks into quarantine and the novelty of being at home has pretty much worn off. Everyone is beginning to get grouchy and just wants everything back to normal. However as this is not possible we are coming up with new ways on how… read more

Country or City?

Country Life During the Covid-19 Pandemic - By Sarah Even though I live on a beef farm, in the Laois countryside, I have access to considerably good broadband. The most obvious advantage of this, is that I've managed to stay in close contact (digitally) with my friends since school was… read more

Our Current Reality

19/03/2020 By: Rebecca Day 7 of social distancing Today I woke as the sun shone through my curtains at 7:01. Looks like I'll have to get used to being woken early by the sun. I looked at my phone and scrolled through all the messages I had received from my… read more