Lambing 2019

Lambing season usually starts around February. This years lambing went well as the weather around February was very good and there wasn’t much cold weather, so most of the lambs were born in good conditions.  However when the lambs were let out of the sheds and into the fields the… read more

Irish Farming v Brexit

With brexit looming nobody knows what the outcome for Irish farming may be. In the case of a hard Brexit the agricultural sector will be one of the hardest hit. There are many different aspects of agriculture that can be affected, for example Beef, Dairy, tillage etc..   Beef farmers are going… read more

Slurry spreading laws in Ireland

By Kalvin Hopkins & Thomas Atkinson Slurry spreading is a busy operation for farmers it takes a long time to get all the slurry out of the tanks and onto the ground to grow grass for our livestock so they can produce meat and dairy products. There are currently laws… read more

How you can reduce the heavy workload in spring on my dairy farm?

By Ellis Caldbeck & Rupert Murray   With the expanding dairy herd, the work needed with calving a large number of cows over a short period of time is coming fast for many dairy farmers. There was a huge workload on dairy farms last year, as storms and snow played havoc… read more

New Holland T7.230

It comes with a cheeky 24hp boost that takes output for pro (power take off) and transport work to a more respectable 199hp, but it was still below the average and went about its work in the six-point test in thirstier fashion than the rest. It’s also worth remembering that boosted power… read more

JCB 419 – Facts

'She’s no egg but she’s some yoke' Engine: 6.7-litre, six-cylinder, Cummins Power: 183hp Torque: 841Nm Wheelbase: 2.85m Operating weight: 10,343kg Lift height with pallet forks: 3,509mm Straight tipping load: 6,769kg Full turn tipping load: 6,028kg Total fuel tank capacity with auxiliary tank: 250 litres AdBlue tank capacity: 23 litres Hydraulic… read more

A typical day on a mixed farm

By: Rupert & Ellis 6:30 am-Wake up get dressed and go outside to do the milking. 9:00 am-Finish the milking and go in for the breakfast. 9:30 am-Go outside and feed the cattle with the diet feeder. 11:30 am- Depending on the time of year you would go on a… read more

Farming 19th Nov

What can Irish agriculture do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?  With the expansion of the dairy industry greenhouse gases in agriculture have come under more scrutiny. Agriculture is the largest contributing factor to greenhouse gases compared to any other sector. Ireland has the lowest forest cover of all European countries.… read more

Farm Safety

By Andrew Strong & Tristan Harris Farms have the highest injuries and fatalities out of any other sector. Between 2012-2017 2,814 accidents have occurred. Farm accidents have risen by 13% in the last five years and by 31% in the last ten years. The four main areas that accidents occur… read more

New Siloking electric feeder set to hit EU markets

With increased pressure on companies to develop more eco-friendly machinery, Siloking is leading this race in the right direction. With its new self-propelled fully electronic powered silage feeder set to hit markets for under 50k. The eSilokamm comes with a large range of interesting features, such as a 360 degree… read more