Fishing off the Gris Ore. 

By Serdar Kearney Tekkanat.  Every year since I was born, we go to Inis Mór - the largest of the Aran Islands. It is always a trip that my family and I look forward to because we love the wild atmosphere and obviously the cycling and fishing that comes with… read more


by Lauren Grace Every day we hear a new story ‘the lungs of the earth are burning’ ‘the bee population is decreasing’ ‘people are suffering from war’. These are all things we hear on a daily basis yet all we’re doing is looking at it through a screen that we… read more

Underlying Homophobia 

  by: Alex Wolfe In my opinion there is a major problem in our school that has largely gone completely unnoticed. If you’ve read the title of this article, I’m sure that you can guess what this is. But if this is unclear, the problem is of course, homophobia.  There… read more

Johnson threatens Parliamentary Party Purge.

By Serdar Kearney Tekkanat (London, 2 September 2019).  As Ireland watches closely, this week The British Prime Minister (PM), Boris Johnson, threatened to deselect or even expel rebels within the Tory Party who are trying to prevent a No Deal Brexit. These rebels include Dominic Grieve, Philip Hammond, Rory Stewart… read more

TY Voice – Increase in Youth Vaping

By Denis Kononov The use of electronic cigarettes has increased among young adults, which may have a negative impact on the new generation ahead of us. These e-cigarettes were first designed for heavy-smoking adults to quit their habit of smoking, but gradually as they became more popular, teenagers also got… read more

Lambing 2019

Lambing season usually starts around February. This years lambing went well as the weather around February was very good and there wasn’t much cold weather, so most of the lambs were born in good conditions.  However when the lambs were let out of the sheds and into the fields the… read more

Irish Farming v Brexit

With brexit looming nobody knows what the outcome for Irish farming may be. In the case of a hard Brexit the agricultural sector will be one of the hardest hit. There are many different aspects of agriculture that can be affected, for example Beef, Dairy, tillage etc..   Beef farmers are going… read more

Slurry spreading laws in Ireland

By Kalvin Hopkins & Thomas Atkinson Slurry spreading is a busy operation for farmers it takes a long time to get all the slurry out of the tanks and onto the ground to grow grass for our livestock so they can produce meat and dairy products. There are currently laws… read more