Short Courses

The purpose of a short course is to provide information or develop skills that will be of use to all students during or on leaving school and are compulsory.  They comprise of a double period each week for four weeks and include the following:

  • Physical Fitness

  • SocieTY

  • Philosophies

  • Survival Cooking

  • World of Music

  • Art

  • Robotics

  • Year book

  • Injury and Emergency Response

  • Psychology

  • Money Matters

  • Metal Design

  • Dream Trip

  • Tourism

Dream Trip

This course asks students to research and put together a presentation on their dream trip.  It involves researching, budgeting and planning.


This short course looks at our place in society, what role we play and current issues


This short course looks at body language, sports psychology and how the brain functions


This course covers different ways of thinking, different views of life and religions.


This course involves designing and building robotics from kits


Students will be given an opportunity to do an art project.

Metal Design

In this course students are set a design task of creating an artefact from no more than 2 metres of 13mm x 3mm mild steel flat bar and two diameter 70mm saucers.

Survival Cooking

This course teaches students how to prepare basic meals and explores how to make healthy meals on a budget.

Money Matters

This course will encourage students to take an interest in how they use their money. It will provide them with options of saving money and the steps involved. Students will have a greater understanding of the costs of living and will experience the process of budgeting.

Injury and Emergency Response

Injury and Emergency Response aims to develop awareness for the need to have basic first aid skills. Students will experience a basic programme of first aid and emergency response and will have an opportunity to determine how comfortable they are when dealing with different first aid situations. They will gain knowledge which will be of use to them or those around them.

Physical Fitness

This course will increase the student’s knowledge and understanding of how the body works with regard to physical activity. It will allow them to explore their physical strengths and weaknesses through participation in a series of tests and will profile the fitness levels of all transition year students.


This short course highlights the importance of Tourism to our economy and gives students an opportunity to understand the tourist experience and how the industry works.

Year Book

This course involves development of the TY Year Book and provides content for our TY website,  and our TY Twitter feed @KCKTYEYE. As a short course this gives every TY Student the opportunity to contribute to their year book and website.