How the weather influences farming?

By Nicola Treacy The weather influences farming a lot because if it is wet outside you cannot get out and about in the fields to do work such as ploughing, sowing and spraying. This quote really sums up a farmers relationship with the weather ‘a farmer depends on himself, the… read more

Climate change and farming

by Nicola Treacy People have been blaming farmers for climate change, but everyone is a contributor to climate change by going to school in the car or going abroad. Only some environmental factors are related to agriculture such as methane gases (gases from sheep and cattle) and ammonia. Climate change… read more

Beef Protests

by Nicola Treacy We have seen a lot of commotion about beef farmers lately about the drop of beef prices to around €3.00 per kilo. The protests started in mid-summer of 2019 and continued up until last week and ongoing. With the farmers blocking Merion square, Kildare street, Dublin port… read more

Fendt takes the wraps off a new breed of machine

By: Alan Marshall Recently reported that Fendt has teamed up with German-headquartered Sennebogen to offer its first own-brand telehandler (telescopic handler). The machine was unveiled at the Agritechnica show (Germany) in November. A Fendt-badged telehandler with an ‘all-round view like a wheel loader’ Known as the Cargo T955, this handler’s… read more


Kiel Smyth Carrigan What is the difference between cows and cattle? Cattle is plural and generally refers to the bovine species as a whole. The term isn't gender specific, so cattle could refer to a bunch of bulls (males), a bunch of cows (females), or a mixture of both. Dairy animals are more angular in shape than beef animals. Dairy cows are bred and… read more


By: Emmet McKinley Maize 2019 has kicked off this year but it has been extremely wet for most contractors and farmers due to the large amount of rain falling from the past few weeks Maize is sown under plastic to keep the heat in the ground for the crop to… read more

New John Deere command pro joystick.

by: Sam Strong John Deere’s Command Pro joystick is now available for all small and mid-range 6R Series tractors. These models also feature the new Command Centre 4200 display, which provides all six AEF certified ISO bus functions. In addition, all 6R Series models above 130hp now meet Stage V… read more

Why Goat Farming is The Way To Go

  By Laura Bulfin No one is sure if there’s much future for farming in Ireland, with the continued rise of veganism, the increase of outrage over methane from cow’s farts (despite there being much more serious sources of pollution in cities and towns) and the savage drop in beef… read more

John Deere 9900i

John Deere 9900i By Emmet McKinley Last August John Deere unveiled its awaited 9000 Series of self propelled forage harvesters. Brand new design, two different kernel processors, the latest version of the HarvestLab system for crop analysis, and an exceptional premiere under the hoods of three of the four new… read more

The ongoing struggle for suckler and beef farmers

By Alison Gray In recent years beef prices have been gradually spiralling downwards and it is now creating a huge problem for the suckler beef farmer. Many small sized farmers have been forced to set their farm to dairy enterprises and look for off farm work. Farmers aren't happy with… read more