Long Course

Long courses take place on Thursdays over three periods.  Each course lasts a total of nine weeks and each student will do three long courses over the year.  All long courses will be confirmed at the student Induction Day on 27th August.

This year we hope to offer the following long courses:

  • Sports Coaching
  • World of Food
  • Film Making
  • Outdoor Skills
  • Event Production
  • Product Design in Wood
  • Exploring Science (not confirmed)
  • Classical Studies
  • Music Performance
  • Photography
  • Creative Writing
  • Building Apps
  • Sports Analysis

Students will be introduced to these long courses on their induction day of Tuesday 27th August and will submit their choices by Monday 2nd September .  While we can not guarantee that every student will get their 3 first choices we do our best to accommodate all requests.

Sports Coaching

Sports Coaching is taken by Mr. Carter and Ms. Ryder.  This course is for students who have an interest in coaching sports and teaching in general.  They will learn the key concepts involved in coaching.  This is a practical course and students regularly coach primary school children from The Model School.

World of Food

This course encourages students to think more about the food they are eating.  It makes them aware of the variety of local growers and rpoducers and they learn basic cooking techniques.  It also identifies issues concerning the production and movement of food in today’s world and allows students to learn about and cook different food from around the world.

Product Design in Wood

This course is taken by Ms. Walsh.  It is a practical course where other materials will be used alongside wood.  It is not necessary to have done Woodwork or Metal work for Junior Cert as simple joining methods can be used.  End products will be displayed and used around the school and its surroundings.  These projects can be used to partake in the Mini-Company aspect of T.Y.

Film Making

This course is taken by Mr. Ashmore.  Students will learn filming techniques, editing and use of film software.  Groups will put together a short film that will be shown at the end of year T.Y. Exhibition.

Exploring Science (not confirmed, if choosing this option please enter six choices on sheet)

This course is taken by Ms. McNiece.  It aims to broaden students knowledge of science and its role in everyday life allowing them to explore material not on the leaving certificate curriculum but that may interest students as a career path.

Event Management

This course is taken by Mr. Tector.  It teaches students the key concepts involved in setting up and running events.  Students run various events throughout the year to raise funds for the T.Y. Charities

Classical Studies

This course is taken by Mr. Clarke.  It helps students to gain an understanding of how the ancient worlds have informed and influenced us today and furthers knowldedge of those students interested in literature, history and religion.

Outdoor Skills

This course is taken by Mr. Willis and Mr. Foley.  It involves learning basic navigation, orienteering and camping skills.  Students will have a greater understanding of weather patterns and the protection of the environment. Students will also improve group and leadership skills.  This is a very practical course and appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear is required.

Building Apps

This course is being offered for the first time this year (2019/20) and will be taken by Ms. Bill. More information will be available on the student’s Induction day 27th August 2019.