During the year Kilkenny College TY invites people from various walks of life to speak to our students.  Speakers sessions take place every second Friday 12:05 – 13:20.  If parents have any suggestions or contacts please email us on tyeye@kilkennycollege.ie or richardwillis@kilkennycollege.ie

Past speakers have included

  • RNLI (Lifeboats)

  • Terry Clune – Founder and C.E.O. of Taxback.com and founder of Connect Ireland

  • Gerry Duffy – Athlete and motivational speaker

  • Irish Heart Foundation

  • David Harte – Irish International Hockey Player
  • Bill Cullen – Irish businessman, philanthropist, reality T.V. & media personality and former owner of the Renault Ireland franchise

  • Lisa Jacob – Ex Irish Hockey player and past pupil of KCK

Dates available this year

  • 6th & 20th September
  • 4th & 18th October
  • 8th November
  • 6th & 20th December
  • 17th January
  • 6th & 20th March
  • 1st & 15th May