Work Experience

During the year each student will complete two one week blocks of work experience. ┬áDuring TY 2019/20 these weeks are February 3rd – February 7th 2020 and February 10th – February 14th 2020

It is important that students decide on the type of work they wish to explore and seek employers that are willing to accommodate them as soon as possible.

  • Letter of application 24th September 2019

  • Completed C.V. 24th September 2019

  • 2 possible placements 12th November 2019

  • 2 confirmed placements 7th January 2020

  • Diaries returned 25th February 2020

  • Oral presentation 27th February 2020


Kilkenny College has a policy of allowing students to undertake additional work experience provided the experience is vital to their future career interest and cannot be obtained during the official two weeks or during holiday time.

If your child has an opportunity to undertake such a placement and you consider it worthwhile having taken into account the loss of school time etc you will need to fill in an additional form to be signed by you and your child. This is NECESSARY in order for the student to be covered by school insurance. Additional Work Experience Form to be obtained by request